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Reminder: All prices displayed in this chart are base price ranges for information purposes (one character, simple background). The final price of your commission will take complexity into account, and may be higher than the base price range.

All offers are digital art except the Traditional art section.

Note that I may change my base prices anytime (without affecting a valid quote). 

Last price change: 22 May 2024

About art styles:

About backgrounds: 

Feel free to ask me about any other artwork types you may be interested in, even if they're not listed here (expression sheet, comic page...).

"PATRON-ONLY" offers marked with a star (★) are reserved for 3★ and higher tier patrons. Please consider supporting me on Patreon to unlock access to these special offers and more! (This limitation doesn't apply to commercial work)

Framing guide

The following is but a loose information guide and is not restrictive

Portrait = Headshot = Bust

i.e. Head ± neck ± top shoulders

Half-body = Waist-up

i.e. Head, arms and torso ± wings


Whole body

✏️ Sketches

Rough linework with a pencil-like brush ± simple hatched shading. May include some construction lines. Default background: old paper-like texture.

► Sketch examples

Classic sketch

No colors. Level of detail: low / moderate

Flat-color sketch

Flat colors ± simple gradients. Level of detail: low / moderate

Colored sketch

Painted colors with simple shading. Level of detail: low / moderate

Painted sketch

Partly painted over the sketch, with simple shading. Level of detail: low / moderate

🖍️ Drawings

Clean linework ± colors ± shading.

► Drawing examples


No colors. Level of detail: any

Flat-color drawing

Flat colors ± simple gradients. Level of detail: any

Semi-rendered drawing

Colors and simple shading. Level of detail: moderate

Rendered drawing

Polished colors and shading. Level of detail: moderate / high

🖌️ Paintings

No linework; painted colors and shadows.

► Painting examples

Rough painting

= speed-painting. Roughly painted colors and shadows. Level of detail: low / moderate

Semi-rendered painting

A slightly more polished rough painting. Level of detail: moderate

Rendered painting

Level of detail: moderate / high

Concept art

For a new design. Includes 1 full-body flat-color sketch ± 1-2 rough close-ups, based on written descriptions and inspiration pictures. Expect a lot of dialogue with me to achieve the design you want, unless you decide to give me artistic freedom!

Reference sheet

A set of several drawings of a character viewed from different angles. Drawings are flat-color with clean line-art by default. Can be based on existing artworks or written descriptions.

Custom Odenis design

Concept art of a custom Odenis, a private species of mammalian dragons I created. Can be made from the existing base or a completely new design (with different fur length, wing shape etc.) as long as it meets the species requirements.

🎨 Traditional art

► Traditional art examples

Artworks made on real, physical materials with traditional art tools. By default, client receives a scanned image + a watermarked photo of the artwork. 

Shipment of the original artwork to your address is optional and requires additional fees. You can decide whether you want the original art to be shipped before or after it was created.

Options and prices:

"Original extra": 20-100€ depending on the artwork

Shipping fees: typically around 10€ for Europe; 40€ for the US. See my TOS for details about original art shipping.

See below for base initial prices (additional fees not included).

Graphite sketch

Graphite pencils on a smooth white A5-sized paper (5 x 8 inches). Greyscale with rough lines and minimal shading. Level of detail: low / moderate

Graphite drawing

Graphite pencils on a smooth white A5 (5 x 8 in; portraits only) or A4-sized (8 x 12 in) paper. Greyscale with lines and complex shading. Level of detail: moderate / high

💫 Animations

► Animation examples

Simple animated illustration

Any type of base illustration. 
  • Short length/loop (<5 seconds)
  • Few animated meshes/layers (<10-15) and few bones (<20-30)
  • No fake-3D effect (or extremely basic). May include simple particle effects.

MH tribal idle animation

Particular type of Simple animated illustrationFull-body, stylized Monster Hunter tribal style (similar to MH World icons). No background.Short looping idle animation. 

★ Complex animated illustration 

PATRON-ONLY. Any type of base illustration.
  • Any length
  • Any complexity of meshes and bones
  • May include simple particle effects
  • Fake-3D effect and/or complex particle effects must be discussed and may increase the price.

🐲 Monster Hunter style icons

Icons inspired by the tribal styles of Monster Hunter, as a custom design or from the generation of MH of your choice. Humanoid characters are now accepted.

Default size: 2000px square.

► MH-style icon examples

1st gen icon

Abstract geometrical shapes. Level of detail: low

3rd gen icon

Grey line-art, mostly geometrical shapes. Level of detail: low / moderate

4th gen icon

Blocky geometrical shapes. Level of detail: low / moderate

MH World icon

Mix of organic and geometrical shapes. Level of detail: any

MH Rise icon

Ink/watercolor-like, organic painting. Level of detail: any

Original style icon

Tribal style, can be loosely inspired by World or Rise styles without necessarily following the "rules" of official icons (but depending on the design, it may end up fitting one of the official icon categories)

💎 Stained glass-inspired style

Clean line-art and flat colors, in a style loosely inspired by stained glass or coloring books. Note that most details/patterns/textures on the character design will be removed, changed or simplified to fit the style. 

"Stained glass" is called "vitrail" in French, so feel free to call it the Vitrail style if you prefer! (it is shorter)

► Stained-glass inspired style examples 

"Stained glass" symmetry portrait

Animals / creatures only.Level of detail: low.

"Stained glass" drawing

Full-body by default, but other framings can be discussed. Humanoids accepted.Character reference + pose or mood + artistic freedom required.

"Stained glass" illustration

Humanoids accepted. Natural environments preferred.References + artistic freedom required.

🧩 Other stylized designs

Okami in-game style

Full-body only. 

Blocky linework mimicking the painting/calligraphy line-art of polygonal models similar to Okami in-game models. Watercolor-like coloring, Okami-inspired style and proportions.

► Okami-style examples 

★ Solid design 

PATRON-ONLY. Flat colors ± gradients ± cell-shading. Without linework or with stylized thick lines. Stylized details.

★ Abstract design

PATRON-ONLY. Flat colors ± gradients, no linework. Stylized/abstract details. An idea + artistic freedom required.

🖋️ Commercial projects

Commercial projects involve artworks that the client intends to use to sell or promote products, or as a brand for their commercial activities.

They must be discussed thoroughly and some commercial projects may involve the signature of a contract between all parties. The prices displayed below may vary greatly depending on the use of the artwork(s) and do not take into account any potential royalties.

Feel free to ask me for any kind of artwork you may need that is not listed here!

Creator picture

Profile pictures or banners for creator channels (on Youtube, Twitch etc) who earn or expect to earn money from their content. The price of the commercial rights depends on your reach (amount of subscribers, views etc.) among other things. These pictures are not to be reproduced on merchandise unless agreed otherwise.SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Ask me for more information!

Brand logo

Logo for your brand (commercial business, novel author...) that may be reproduced on merchandise.SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Ask me for more information!

Book cover