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Terms of Service

Before ordering a commission, all clients must read, understand and accept the totality of the terms below.

I may edit my Terms of Service any time, though new terms will not affect commissions or quotations that were agreed on prior to them.

Terms applicable to Adoptables can be found at the bottom of the page.



I - General information

Commercial projects include: a business logo, a cover for a book that you plan to sell, Twitch or YouTube assets (if you earn or plan to earn money from your channel), etc.

II - My offers and prices

Based on the information you provide, only I can decide what kind of things count as "extra complexity".

III - Commission openings

IV - Ordering a commission

V - Payment and refunds

VI - Creation process

VII - Right to use

VIII - Traditional art specificities

IX - Adoptable-specific rules

Most adoptable sales and auctions are reserved for Patrons in priority, and take place on my Discord server. Adoptables that weren't sold on Patreon will go up for sale publicly (most likely on Twitter or DeviantArt).