Amayensis (character)

Amayensis is my personal mascot and represents my artistic mind on the internet, a "mind-sona" if you will! She's a dragon traveler who loves exploring nature and old ruins.

Her default form is a red dragoness, but she also has a human form depending on the universe and scenarios she finds herself in.

Amayensis (dragon form)

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Character sheet

Name: Amayensis

Element: Earth, Lava

Type: Volcano Dragon

Gender: She/Her

Age: Young Adult

Height: 3m - 9’10” to withers

Length: 10m - 32’9” from snout to tail tip

Morphology: Amayensis is a red dragoness whose anatomy is similar to big cats. She’s quite bulky and strong for her size, with a short neck, sturdy limbs and powerful wings. Her most recognizable features are her short snout, the scales on her cheeks, her two horns covered with triangular scales, a row of darker scales running down her back; and the shape of her tail tip.

Personality: As an Earth dragon type, Amayensis is naturally calm and good-tempered. She will avoid conflict as much as she can, unless her well-being or the ones she cares for are threatened.

She’s usually a loner who enjoys freely wandering around the world, discovering new places, exploring nature and ruins; though she sometimes doesn’t mind socializing with strangers if they’re open to her.

Ability: Amayensis cannot breathe fire, but will sometimes spit lava at her foes. In the entrance of her thorax, she has an organ called ‘magma sac’ where she can store water and peridotite stones gathered from her environment. The magma sac is surrounded by muscular walls with embedded minerals. When the dragoness needs it, this organ can heat up and powerfully squeeze its content until it reaches the necessary pressure and temperature to melt the stones into magma. When this process starts, characteristic fiery lights become visible between the scales of her horns and her neck.

Her breathing intensifies during the preparation of this move; but thanks to a secondary network of bronchial tubes, all the gas she exhales isn’t released outside but directed into the magma sac instead, generating a growing bubble. The whole process is reversible until the gas bubble grows too big. When ready, the dragoness prompts the bubble to explode, releasing the magma out of her throat in a high-speed beam.

Though greatly effective against foes, this ability requires considerable amounts of energy, thus she considers it a last resort move. Not to mention that she cannot use it twice in a row, since she needs to restock on stones and water between each use.

Backstory: Amayensis doesn’t have any official backstory on purpose, and she doesn't live in any specific world. She’s my mind-sona of some sort, and thus can be adapted in any kind of setting without being hindered by any ‘canon’ story!

Amayensis (human form)

No logic has been clearly defined yet about whether she can switch between dragon or human form. Just consider she can exist in either form, depending on the universe perhaps!

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