"Nosalbel" is the title of a personal heroic-fantasy story I've been working on, and that I may or may not draw as a comic one day. 

It takes place in a medieval fantasy world governed by two Essences: Magic and Archnature. The two forces confront each other in an endless cycle of birth and destruction. While the end of a cycle is nearing and generating more and more catastrophes, the people of the continent, human and dragonian, find themselves dragged to the brink of war against each other.


The main character of the story, Rik, is a simple human villager - or so he thought. He gets involved in complicated magical and political matters that go far beyond his imagination, to the point of discovering a strange bond between his destiny and a formidable creature that everyone believed only existed in legends: a Wyvern. 

He's 1.80 m (5'11") tall, 20 years old, has a tan-colored skin, light brown hair and hazel eyes.

He's cunning and cheeky, doesn't mind breaking the law when needed; but doesn't like fighting and can get scared when his life is endangered. Though not a warrior, he excels at hunting small and big game with a bow for food. One of his biggest fears is heights.


Ashnaar is a size-shifter Wyvern made of pure Magic. At first known for her sudden appearance out of nowhere and destructive temper, she seems to share a strange bond with Rik's destiny.

Her scales are iridescent white with black spikes along her back. Her three eyes are usually gold-colored, but turn blue when she's enraged... or when some other, particular conditions are met.

Other Nosalbel characters

Humans and dragonians (anthro dragons) live more or less together in this world; while lycants (anthro wolves) live in clans, hidden in the largest forest of the continent.