Hunter characters

My Hunter OCs from Monster Hunter, mostly used for roleplay on my old RP blog dragonkingteo (tumblr).


Huntress, but mostly scholar who hunts monsters to fund her personal research. Capable and unscrupulous, she's able to switch personalities and use her charms to get what she wants from others. Her main centers of interest are Elder dragons and the Ancient civilization. She's terribly secretive, not much is known about her past and her notebooks are written in a language she created for herself.

She doesn't have one signature gear, but has often been seen in Seregios, Thunderlord Zinogre or Drilltusk Tetsucabra armor. She usually wields Charge Blade.


Male Hunter who's secretly hired by the Guild to track down and kill poachers regardless of his (unethical) ways. He's the leader of several anti-poaching teams, and sometimes works alongside Guild Knights, without being one himself. He has a twisted mind and violence issues; but respects animals and monsters more than one would imagine. Not many know of his unofficial activities. For ordinary people, he's mostly famous for his terrifying smile.

His signature gear is Silverwind Nargacuga armor and Silverwind Longsword.

He owns a black ("Ebony"-colored) Equinoth called Zenith that he brings with him to hunt poachers, and two Garogaron brothers guard his house in Dundorma.


(Edgy role-play shenanigans) Some rumors say Vernon can turn into an eerie-looking Nargacuga with a grin stuck to its face to kill poachers at night. How true are those rumors, though?